Hobbys Blog Page

As a blog page, I thought that I’d start by telling you all a little bit about us, and how this is going to work, firstly this will most likely only be filled in while we’re out doing stuff, because it’ll get really boring very fast if I talked about normal days.

In the beginning two of us caused mischief by joining the fun at Broadstairs Folk Week, on the Isle of Thanet. The symbol for the Festival is the Hooden Horse, it being a unique traditional figure synonymous with the area. So this seemed an ideal home for our antics. Over the years the rest of us joined the fun, now there is 11 of us. You will notice that most of our names have a horse theme (we love a pun)

Originally we had a bit of a sinister sneaky reputation but today we are full of fun and are very much loved by the crowd, especially at the Hobby Horse Club held each morning at the Bandstand.

We don’t just stay in Broadstairs, we have also been seen at: The Jack in The Green parade in Hastings & The Banbury Hobby Horse Festival in Oxfordshire. We are looking forward to visiting other events in the future once events can be resumed post-pandemic.

How do we look – A black wooden head, white eyes, black leather ears, a snappy mouth and a black hessian body. While wearing a black breeches, black socks and black footwear.

And just incase your wondering “Invictus Mugistis Equinus” is latin-ish for “Undefeated horses neigh”